Whether your session is a family, senior, glamour or even a lifestyle session, prepping for it makes all the difference in the world.  We will go through the steps during our consultation, but here are some of our pointers as well.


Skin, Hair & Nails:

What looks great in photographs?  Easy, clean and hydrated skin and hair.  Its pretty much that simple.  Dry skin tends to look flaky and wrinkly, whereas hydrated skin looks fresh and smooth.  We do offer retouching but anything you can do in this department will definitely help your images shine.

Looking for a new change in your hair?  Great!  But try to schedule any haircuts or dye jobs about a week before hand.  It’s often said the hair looks best at this time.  You could of course schedule your session immediately following a trip to the salon, but if something goes wrong, that doesn’t allow time for a fix.  

Some of the sessions come with professional hair and make-up.  If this is the case for you, just show up to our appointment with clean and dry hair, and washed & moisturized skin.  That will allow the make-up artist to start right on time and will have you ready for our session on time.

Make sure nails are clean, and if you are wearing polish they are not chipped.  Its better to go without any polish.  Don’t forget about your toes if you’re wearing open-toed shoes or will be barefoot during our session.


Choosing the correct outfit really makes a difference.  Here’s what we recommend you wear:

  • Form fitting clothes, but not skin tight.  Show off your curves no matter what size you are!  Keep in mind, skin tight outfits can really make you look wider, and so far nobody has asked to look bigger in their photographs than they already are.


  • Choose solids over patterns, and avoid very small patterns (they can cause moire in your photos!) Also for family photos where we may need to do a headswap, its much easier to accomplish this if there isn’t a busy pattern.  Patterns also tend to be very on trend, the problem with this is your images will lack a timeless quality.  


  • Avoid extra bulk!  Prime example is cargo pants or shorts.  Better to wear flat front, straight leg pants!


  • Coordinate colors!  This works great for extended families!  Choose 2-3 main colors, and have everyone wear something in that family.  Remember to not go too matchy-matchy though.  Let people show off their individual style too.


  • Think about your environment and complementary colors.  If you’re having a session in fall, instead of just choosing oranges, greens or browns, consider a complementary color such as purple or blue.  That will really make you pop from the background.  


Day of Session Prep:

Give yourself extra time to get ready.  Mistakes often happen when we rush!

Make sure you leave on time.  If you arrive late, we will still do your session, but you’ll have less time in front of the camera.  Also, you don’t want to be stressed out because it will show in your images.  

Have a talk to all the members attending the session ahead of time what is expected of them.  The session will go much quicker and smoother if everyone is on their best behavior.  If you are part of the photo, let your photographer get the attention, all you need to do is follow the direction.  Most headswaps are done when a parent is telling their kids to look at the camera.  Also, if we’re taking photos of children by themselves, let us do our thing.  We’ll let you know if we need your assistance. 


Props and Inspiration Photos:

We really try to sway away from props or pinterest pages, but if you have a meaningful prop or a pose you absolutely love, feel free to bring it and we will try our best to incorporate them.  We try not to copy other photographers, but have used others’ work as inspiration.   Also, the inspiration pose may not work for your individual session.  You hired us for our talent, so please feel confident in our work, and that we ultimately serve your best interest for stunning images!

If you have ANY questions, please let us know and we will help.  At the end of the day, the more confident you feel and look, the better the outcome. 


With love,

Katja Wright



Prepping for your session!