On Sunday, October 14, 2018 Megan and Buck got married in a very special ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends.  Over the Vines, a vineyard in Edgerton, Wisconsin, was the perfect backdrop for this romantic fall wedding.  The weather was a little chilly, but luckily rain held out to the very end of the day.  There were no complaints from Megan; she remained calm and happy throughout the brisk day.  Buck was also very relaxed groom, who looked after his bride the whole day.  The couple was very excited about their wedding day, but you could tell they were really focused on the marriage.  Here are some highlights from Megan and Buck’s beautiful wedding day.  










The full online gallery can be found here: Megan and Buck’s Online Gallery  There is also the option to purchase prints directly from the gallery.  We thank Megan and Buck for trusting us with their photographs!  It was a truly wonderful wedding and we hope these two will enjoy their lives together.  Best wishes!! 


Megan and Buck’s Wedding