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Hi, we’re Katja & Rick Wright

We're a husband and wife team and ready to make your vision come true!  We met way back in 1996, when we were just two college kids trying to figure out where we were headed in life.  Rick studied political science and I thought I wanted to be a business professional.  I imagined working at a marketing firm in a big city.  When we met, 35mm still ruled the photography world.  We spent many days chasing sunsets, and loved landscape photography.

We ended up working in retail, finance and as time went on, we found our way back to photography.  This time the interest was deeper than just taking good photos during vacations or events.  

After purchasing a new DSLR, Katja founded Iris Imprints Photography Inc in 2012.  In the beginning the focus was babies and families.  Over the years the company grew to offer weddings, events, and more individualized shoots like high school seniors.

Our focus is really making you look your very best!  We also offer more than just digitals.  Your images deserve to be put on a wall, or within reach like an album.  But we'll show you our gorgeous samples when we meet!  

Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to drop us a line if you would like to learn more!

You are more beautiful than you think … let me show you the real you


We’re a portrait photography studio in the middle of the Third Ward area in Milwaukee, serving the downtown and surrounding areas.  We also serve Chicago and Madison so be sure to ask about our travel packages.

We specialize in family, maternity and high school seniors, but also offer wedding, event and newborn photography.  For small business, we offer things like head shots, logos and branding.  Our sister company, Iris Boudoir, focuses on intimate portraiture.

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality portraits and amazing customer service!  You’ll find we have a very classic and timeless feel to our images.  But our focus is YOU!  We’ve teamed up with some of the best labs in the country, and while you will always receive a digital file of each image purchased, we like to leave you with gorgeous prints & products.  (We have plenty of samples to show you!)  Don’t worry, we do all the ordering for you.  Delivery day around here is a little like Christmas morning!



Hi there!  I’m Katja and am the founder and lead photographer here at Iris Imprints!  I have 3 young kids at home, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  I love capturing important moments, or just freezing time for those parents seeing their children grow up too fast!  These days everything seems to be thrown out so quickly.  What I love to do for my clients is show them how photogenic they can really be!  My camera doesn’t add 10lbs, and I make sure my posing gives you a confidence boost!  

I LOVE photoshop!  But don’t worry.  I don’t make my clients look like plastic dolls.  I see it more as a tool in creating interesting pieces of art and adding that little extra to your images.  If you’re a fellow photographer, I do offer retouching!


Rick, my husband, is our co-owner and photographer.  He is the lead photographer for Iris Boudoir, and his specialty is boudoir and glamour.  He’s an expert on camera equipment.  Katja does the editing and retouching for both companies.

We make a great team!  In the summer time, you might see us at a music festival (been to more than we can count!) or enjoying a swim in the pool.  In the winter we cheer on the Packers in front of the fireplace.  We could live on red wine and sushi!  

We hope to talk to you soon, and see what might be able to do for you! 

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